Monday, December 13, 2004

As seen somewhere on IRC, December 10, 2004:

WeaselBoy: evidently, the big meme on myspace is film titles to which you add "In My Pants" to the end
Bill: Gone With The WInd... In My Pants
Bill: Wait a minute.
yoshio: Gone with the Pants
WeaselBoy: Kids In My Pants
tooth: Wind in my Pants
WeaselBoy: Hellboy In My Pants
Bill: Hellraiser In My Pants
tooth: Sound of Music In My Pants
WeaselBoy: Freddy Vs. Jason In My Pants
tooth: Tank Girl In My Pants
WeaselBoy: The Incredible Hulk In My Pants
Bill: Punisher In My Pants
Bill: ...
tooth: The Invisible Man In My Pants
Bill: I'm going to stop right there.
tooth: oh wait.
WeaselBoy: National Treasure in my pants
yoshio: Glory in my Pants
Bill: Finding Nemo In My Pants
tooth: Rejected In My Pants
yoshio: Bad Girls in my Pants
WeaselBoy: Twelve Monkeys in my pants
Bill: Reform School Girls In My Pants
yoshio: Coyote Ugly in my Pants
WeaselBoy: Dawn Of The Dead In My Pants
yoshio: The Godfather in my Pants
tooth: Freddy Got Fingered In My Pants
Blau: ew
jb: Fierce Creatures In My Pants
Bill: Run, Lola, Run In My Pants
WeaselBoy: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban IN MY PANTS
yoshio: Madame Butterfly in my Pants
WeaselBoy: the never ending story in my pants
Bill: The Omen In My Pants
WeaselBoy: The Princess Bride In My Pants
yoshio: Erin Brokovich in my Pants
WeaselBoy: Crimes and Misdemeanors in my pants
yoshio: The Mexican in My Pants
tooth: The Fast and the Furious... In My pants
yoshio: Hannah and her Sisters in My Pants
Bill: Once Upon A Time In Mexico In My Pants
WeaselBoy: Saw In My Pants
Bill: Army Of Darkness In My Pants
WeaselBoy: Evil Dead In My Pants
yoshio: Fists of Fury in my pants
WeaselBoy: Kill Bill In My Pants
yoshio: Drunken Master in my pants
Bill: Kill Bill In My... wait a minute, no.
Bill: Crap.
tooth: Toy Story In My pants
tooth: PeeWee Hermans Big Adventure In My Pants
Bill: Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman In My Pants
ztepf: badger: Mad Max In My Pants
tooth: It Came From Beneat The Sea In My Pants
ztepf: badger: Better of Dead In My Pants
ztepf: badger: Real Genius in My Pants
ztepf: badger: The Passion of the Christ In My Pants
tooth: HAH
Bill: Hah!
Bill: I Know What You Did Last Summer In My Pants
tooth: I STILL Know What You Did Last Summer In My Pants
ztepf: badger: The Last Temptation of Christ In My Pants
tooth: The 10 Commandments In My Pants
Bill: The Ten Commandments In My...
Bill: Damn.
tooth: Mallrats In My Pants
Bill: Clerks In My Pants
yoshio: Chasing Amy in my pants
Bill: Dogma In My Pants
ztepf: "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf In My Pants"
tooth: Jersey Girl In My Pants
yoshio: Jersey Girl in my Pants
Bill: Whatever Happened To Rosemary's Baby In My Pants?
yoshio: The Sinking of the Bismark in my Pants
Bill: Titanic In My Pants!
yoshio: The longest Day in my pants
yoshio: Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders in my pants
tooth: Journey to the Centre of the Earth In My PAnts
Bill: Debbie Does Dallas In My Pants
yoshio: Smokey and the Bandit in my pants
tooth: Snatch In my Pants
yoshio: sharky's machine in my pants
Bill: The Big Lebowski In My Pants
tooth: Bill has a Big Lebowski
jb: Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels In My Pants
tooth: Aliens In My pants
yoshio: 12 angry men in my pants
Bill: Rocky Horror Picture Show In My Pants
jb: Crash In My Pants
jb: Flashdance In My Pants
yoshio: and to be topical for the season: It's a Wonderful Life in My Pants
Bill: Showgirls In My Pants
jb: Footloose In My Pants
jb: Greece In My Pants
Bill: A Christmas Story In My Pants
tooth: Dirty Dancing In my Pants
yoshio: Goodfellas in My Pants
yoshio: Vertigo in My Pants
yoshio: The Pianist in My Pants
jb: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels In My Pants
yoshio: The Third Man in My Pants
jb: Antz In My Pants
yoshio: Paths of Glory in my pants
jb: A Bugs Life In My Pants
tooth: Dirty Dozen In My Pants
jb: Pi In My Pants
Bill: Kelley's Heroes In My Pants
yoshio: Touch of Evil in my Pants
ztepf: badger: "The Big Red One In My Pants"
Bill: Hah!
jb: The Wall In My Pants
yoshio: 2001: A Space Odyssey in my Pants
jb: Apocolypse Now In My Pants
Bill: Heavy Metal In My Pants
yoshio: The Shining in My Pants
yoshio: The Sixth Sense in My Pants
yoshio: Scent of a Woman in my Pants
tooth: The Fifth Elemevnt In my pants
jb: The Color of Money in My Pants
tooth: Pornstar In My Pants
Bill: Oh, how could I have forgotten this one: Pretty Woman In My Pants
jb: haha
yoshio: It Happened One Night in My Pants
tooth: HAHA
ztepf: badger: "The Return of the King In My Pants"
yoshio: The Sure Thing In My Pants
jb: American Werewolf in Paris in my Pants
yoshio: Unforgiven in My Pants
jb: American Pie in my Pants
tooth: Team America In My pants
Bill: A Fistfull Of Dollars In My Pants
yoshio: Big Fish in My Pants
Bill: A Fish Called Wanda In My Pants
yoshio: 400 Blows in My Pants
tooth: :D
jb: Four Rooms in My Pants
yoshio: Lost in Translation in My Pants
tooth: Cant Hardly Wait In My Pants.
jb: Beowulf in My Pants
Bill: Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein In My Pants
yoshio: The Adventure of Robinhood in my Pants
yoshio: She's All That In My Pants
tooth: Bill And Teds Excellent Adventure In My Pants
Bill: Monkey Business In My Pants
yoshio: 12 Monkeys In My Pants
Bill: Darren said that one.
yoshio: oh
Bill: A Night At The Opera In My Pants
tooth: Final Fantasy In My Pants
jb: Faster in My Pants
yoshio: The Fall of Western Civilazation In My Pants
Bill: Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill In My Pants
yoshio: Do the Right Thing In My Pants
tooth: The Right Stuff In My Pants
Bill: A Clockwork Orange In My Pants
yoshio: To Be or Not To Be In My Pants
jb: Hamlet in My Pants
ztepf: "Speed In My Pants"
ztepf: "Rear Window In My Pants"
jb: O in my Pants
tooth: Twister In My Pants
ztepf: "Saving Private Ryan In My Pants"
Bill: 48 Hours In My Pants
jb: The Universe in my Pants
ztepf: "Donnie Darko In My Pants"
Bill: He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe In My Pants
jb: Hackers in My Pants
tooth: Some Like It Hot In My Pants
jb: Casablanca in My Pantss
Bill: The Seven Year Itch In My Pants
ztepf: "A Streetcar Named Desire In My Pants"
jb: Metropolis in My Pants
Bill: Planet Of The Apes In My Pants
ztepf: Goonies In My Pants
ztepf: "Jaws In My Pants"
tooth: Time Machine In My Pants
jb: Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo in My Pants
yoshio: The Englishman who Went Up a Hill and Came Down a Mountain in My Pants
ztepf: "Doctor No In My Pants"
Bill: Tremors In My Pants
tooth: Octopussy In My Pants
ztepf: BWAHAHA bill
yoshio: Holes in My Pants
Bill: Thunderball In My Pants
ztepf: "Child's Play In My Pants"
yoshio: The Spy Whoi Loved Me in My Pants
yoshio: Goldfinger in My Pants
* livid kicks you. all of you.
Bill: Moonraker In My Pants
jb: Golden Eye in my Pants
tooth: You Only Live Twice In My Pants
yoshio: Father of the Bride in my Pants
ztepf: "Her Majesty's Secret Service In My Pants"
tooth: A New Hope In My Pants
jb: Monster in My Pants
Bill: The Phantom Menace In My Pants
yoshio: The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Across the 8th Dimention in my Pants
ztepf: "The Jerk In My Pants"
Bill: Big Trouble In Little China In My Pants
yoshio: Being John Malkovich in My Pants
yoshio: 8 1/2 in my pants
jb: haha
yoshio: 9 1/2 weeks in my pants
ztepf: "The Abyss In My Pants"
jb: hhehe
diabolika: :)
yoshio: The 39 Steps in my pants
jb: City Slickers In My Pants
tooth: Mars Attacks In My Pants
yoshio: Judgment at Nuremberg in My Pants
livid: Pecker in my pants?
livid: uh. back to work.
yoshio: keke
ztepf: pdkjdsakjrsarhjeas
jb: haha
Bill: Terminator In My Pants
yoshio: Adaptation in My pants
Bill: Rise Of The Machines In My Pants
jb: The Hunt for Red October in my Pants
tooth: Pants In My Pants
yoshio: The Others in My Pants
churl: the two towers
Bill: The People Under The Stairs In My Pants
jb: Dr. Strangelove In My Pants
yoshio: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon in my Pants
jb: Falling Down in my Pants?
ztepf: "Weird Science In My Pants"
livid: hee
tooth: Hero In My Pants
Bill: A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Collesium In My Pants
livid: what dreams may come in my pants.
ztepf: "The Last Starfighter In My Pants"
churl: aliens in my pants
yoshio: Towering Inferno In My Pants
diabolika: omg towering infernoD:
jb: Disco Inferno in My Pants
Bill: Fried Green Tomatoes In My Pants
churl: yoshio, you win
yoshio: Manos: The Hands of Fate in My Pants
diabolika: er infero [space] D:
tooth: Dantes Peak In My Pants
diabolika: that movie = awful awful awful
yoshio: Volcano in My Pants
jb: Burn baby burn, ddisco inferno!
Bill: Godzilla In My Pants
ztepf: "Steel Magnolias In My Pants"
jb: godzilla vs megalon in my pants
tooth: Chaplin In My Pants
ztepf: "Driving Miss Daisy In My Pants"
livid: dirty pretty things in my pants.
jb: 2010, the year we make contact in my pants
Bill: The Day The Earth Stood Still In My Pants
jb: mars needs women in my pants
tooth: War of the Worlds In My Pants
Bill: Needful Things In My Pants
jb: life is beautiful in my pants
Bill: The Langoliers In My Pants
ztepf: "Forrest Gump In My Pants"
jb: harold and maude in my pants
churl: little shop of horrors in my pants
ztepf: "Sid and Nancy In My Pants"
tooth: That Thing You Do In My Pants
Bill: When Harry Met Sally In My Pants
livid: collateral in my pants.
churl: Sometimes Aunt Martha Does Dreadful Things In My Pants
jb: fight club in my pants
livid: 10 things i hate about you in my pants.
jb: outfoxed in my pants
jb: fahrenheit 9/11 in my pants
Bill: Firefox In My Pants
jb: roger and me in my pantss
tooth: Soylent Green In My Pants
Bill: And lest we forget: Backdraft In My Pants
diabolika: hah
livid: bill: :
tooth: HAHA
jb: fahrenheit 451 in my pants
jb: atomic cafe in my pantss
ztepf: "Roger Rabbit In My Pants"
tooth: Batman Returns In My Pants
churl: The Gathering Storm In My Pants
tooth: Dark City In My Pants
jb: snow falling on cedars in my pants
ztepf: Bless the Beasts and Children In My Pants
livid: my head hurts. i quit.
diabolika: babe in my pants
ztepf: "All Quiet on the Western Front In My Pants"
ztepf: "Altered States In My Pants"
jb: kiki's delivery service in my pants
ztepf: hah!
diabolika: ilsa she wolf of the SS in my pants
jb: haha
tooth: A Series Of Unfortunate Events In My Pants
ztepf: "Stir of Echoes In My Pants"
* jb starts refering to jennifers nether regions as 'ilsa'
livid: don't be a menace to society while drinkin' juice in the hood in my pants
Bill: The Guns Of Naravone In My Pants
livid: jeebus.
ztepf: "The Unbearable Likeness of Being In My Pants"
* livid smacks self
jb: boys in the hood in my pants?
jb: friday in my pants?
Bill: I'm Gonna Git You, Sucka In My Pants
diabolika: jb: more appropriate to refer to xao that way :)
tooth: Spawn In My Pants
livid: things to do in denver when you're dead in my pants.
diabolika: blazing saddles in my pants?
Bill: High Anxiety In My Pants
jb: dia - point
diabolika: :)
diabolika: jb: she has an ilsa character in city of heroes
jb: hahaha
diabolika: therefore, more appropriate
ztepf: "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World In My Pants"
ztepf: "The Longest Yard In My Pants"
yoshio: The Day the Earth Stood Still In My Pants
jb: the whole 9 yards in my pants
livid: 8 mile in my pants.
ztepf: hahaha!
jb: reefer madness in my pants
ztepf: you wouldn't want that in yer pants. i grew up by there.
livid: mystic pizza in my pants
diabolika: miracle on 34th st in my pants
Bill: Oh Wait.
Bill: I've got it.
Bill: A Few Good Men In My Pants
tooth: Multiplicity In My Pants
livid: damnit.
jb: hahaha
tooth: hahha
ztepf: hahaha!
jb: dirty dozen in my pants
tooth: said that one.
tooth: :P
ztepf: "Top Gun In My Pants"
Bill: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly In My Pants
jb: the hunter in my pants
livid: fast, cheap, & out of control in my pants.
ztepf: hfsadlhasl
jb: the getaway in my pants
tooth: Screamers In My Pants
Bill: The Black Hole In My Pants
ztepf: "Sex, Lies and Videotape In My Pants"
jb: bullitt in my pants
jb: baby, the rain must fall in my pants
Bill: She's Gotta Have It In My Pants
diabolika: bridge over river kwai in my pants?
tooth: Resoivar Dogs In My Pants
diabolika: soul food in my pants?
ztepf: "That's Entertainment In My Pants"
Bill: Pulp Fiction In My Pants
ztepf: "Jungle Fever In My Pants"
jb: the magnificeent seven in my pants
tooth: HAHA
jb: wanted: dead or alive in my pants
jb: never so few in my pants
jb: the blob in my pants
yoshio: The Outlaw Josie Wales in My apants
diabolika: johnny mnemonic in my pants
ztepf: "The Quick and the Dead In My Pants"
jb: somebody up there likes me in my pants
Bill: Charlie's Angels In My Pants
tooth: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes In My Pants
yoshio: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly In My Pants
livid: conspiracy theory in my pants.
ztepf: Carrie In My Pants
ztepf: "Lost Boys In My Pants"
jb: never love a stranger in my pants
yoshio: On the Wings of Desire in My Pants
yoshio: The Professional In My Pants
jb: Enter the Dragon in my pants
Bill: The Jackal In My Pants
churl: Volcano In My Pants
ztepf: "The Postman Always Rings Twice In My Pants"
jb: On any sunday, in my pants
yoshio: Bound in My Pants
tooth: :D
livid: big fish in my pants
jb: from dusk till dawn in my pants
diabolika: el mariachi in my pants :D
yoshio: The Hound of the Baskervilles in My Pants
ztepf: "Easy Rider In My Pants"
livid: i give you guys three hours to get bored of this.
tooth: Dazed And Confused In My Pants
jb: aeon flux in my pants
mirth: hard 8 in my pants
livid: on that note, i uh. do. have. work to do.
yoshio: Until the End of the World In My Pants
jb: saturn 9 in my pants
yoshio: The Hustyler In My Pants
ztepf: "Romeo and Juliet In My Pants"
Bill: Cheech & Chong Still Smokin' In My Pants
jb: Frenzy in my Pants
yoshio: Romeo Must Die In My Pants
jb: The Birds in my pants
yoshio: The Bad Leuitenent in My Pant
jb: the indian in the cabinet in my pants
mirth: 12 Inches Of Dangling Fury in my Pants
yoshio: Dogs In Space In My Pants
jb: vertigo in my pants
tooth: Full Metal Jacket IN MY PANTS
Bill: Platoon In My Pants
ztepf: omg mirth
jb: i confess in my pants
diabolika: indian in the cupboard pls
diabolika: :)
yoshio: Shanghai Suprise in My Pants
tooth: HAHAHA
jb: notorious in my pants
mirth: zteph actually got the reference :)
* diabolika gotta represent 4th grade reading assignments
yoshio: Orgazmo In My {Pants
jb: suspicion in my pants
Bill: Fe: I thought you were just bragging.
ztepf: mirth: i'm crying again, i'm laughing so hard
jb: rebecca in my pants
mirth: lol
yoshio: Witness in My pants
jb: sabotage in my pants
jb: secret agent in my pants
Bill: The Saint In My Pants
mirth: the black hole in my pants
Bill: The Spy Who Came In From The Cold In My Pants
tooth: To Die For In My Pants
diabolika: gladiator in my pants
mirth: the big sleep in my pants
jb: sound test for blackmail in my pants
ztepf: "The Man Who Would Be King In My Pants"
jb: The Ring in my Pantss
Bill: Throw Mama From The Train In My Pants
tooth: Close Encounters Of the Third Kind in My pants
jb: RINGU in my pants
ztepf: "Where Eagles Dare In My Pants"
mirth: What Dreams May Come in my Pants
yoshio: Jingle all The Way In My Panst
jb: Downhill in my Pants
Bill: Iron Eagle In My Pants
yoshio: Rear Window In My Pants
ztepf: already said that
Bill: Lethal Weapon In My Pants
ztepf: "Deliverance In My Pants"
yoshio: Paths of Glory in My Pants
jb: blackmail in my pants
mirth: Earth Girls Are Easy In My Pants
jb: easy virtue in my pants
ztepf: "Working 9 to 5 In My Pants"
tooth: Hard Target In My Pants
jb: champagne in my pants
Bill: Above The Law In My Pants
mirth: The Longest Yard In My Pants
Bill: Silence Of The Lambs In My Pants
yoshio: Boxing Helena In My Pants
yoshio: The Long Kiss Goodnight In My Pants
jb: the pink panther in my pants
mirth: 8 The Hard Way In My Pants
ztepf: The Muppets Take Manhattan In My Pants
jb: revenge of the pink panther in my pants
jb: novocaine in my pants
ztepf: "Predator In My Pants"
yoshio: Roadhouse In My Pants
mirth: Kiss Me Deadly In My Pants
jb: the prince of egypt in my pants
ztepf: "Night Of The Comet In My Pants"
jb: mixed nuts in my pants
tooth: Emporers New Groove in my pants
Bill: A Shot In The Dark In My Pants
jb: grand canyon in my pants
diabolika: pokemon in my pants :X
jb: Roxanne in my Pants
yoshio: The Ivory Tower in My Pants
ztepf: "Red Dawn In My Pants"
Bill: How Stella Got Her Groove Back In My Pants
diabolika: red sonya in my pants
yoshio: The Dark Tower In My Pants
jb: Sgt. Pepper's Loney Hearts Club Band in My Pants
Bill: Conan The Destroyer In My Pants
ztepf: badger's broken now, bill. thank you
jb: Everything, Everything in my pants
Bill: (There's an old skool #sfrh reference in that one.)
ztepf: "Dude, Where's My Car In My Pants"
mirth: :)
diabolika: Bill: bubalu?
Bill: "You named it Conan?!"
jb: Picasso at the lapin Agile in my pants
diabolika: he still talks about his conan.
jb: Three Amigos in my Pants
Bill: Oh my.
diabolika: or rather, other people talk about it for him
Bill: Three Ninjas In My Pants
ztepf: "The Night Of The Hunter In My Pants"
Bill: Bloodsport In My Pants
jb: The Zookeeper in My Pants
jb: The Park is Mine in my Pants
Bill: The Taking Of Pelham 123 In My Pants
tooth: The Incredibles In My Pants
jb: Sgt Bilco in My Pants
yoshio: K19: The Widow Maker In My Pants
mirth: The Terror Of Tinytown In My Pants
jb: das Boot in My Pants
jb: Coffee and Cigarettes in my pants
Bill: Amelie In My Pants
jb: the Life Aquatic in my pants
ztepf: Braveheart In My Pants
ztepf: "Beauty and the Beast In My Pants"
Bill: The Little Mermaid In My Pants
jb: the Royal Tenenbaums in my Pants
tooth: Snow White and the 7 dwarves In My Pants
Bill: Three Kings In My Pants
jb: rushmore in my pants
jb: wild things in my pants
jb: kingpin in my pants
Bill: Major League In My Pants
jb: scrooged in my pants
mirth: Empire Of The Ants In My Pants
jb: tootsie in my pants
tooth: My Giant In My Pants
jb: caddyshack in my pants
mirth: Desperate People In My Pants
ztepf: "Pirates of the Caribbean In My Pants"
Bill: Night Of The Lepus In My Pants
jb: Where the Buffalo Roam in My Pants
jb: hahaha
jb: go bill
Bill: Ruthless People In My Pants
jb: The Matrix in my Pants
ztepf: "The Big Chill In My Pants"
diabolika: the entertainer in my pants
jb: Groundhog Day in my pants
mirth: The Incredible Shrinking Man In My Pants
ztepf: hahaha
jb: quick change in my pants
tooth: The Brain That Wouldnt Die In My Pants
ztepf: "HOney I Shrunk the Kids In My Pants"
mirth: War Of The Collosal Beast In My Pants
Bill: The Thing With Two Brains In My Pants
jb: CLASH OF THE TITANS in my pants
mirth: Dead Again In My Pants :
Bill: Casual Sex In My Pants
tooth: The Thing In my Pants
jb: Meet the Feebles in my Pants
ztepf: haha!
Bill: Oh god.
jb: Shanghai Knights in my Pants
jb: i spy in my pants
diabolika: bladerunner in my pants
diabolika: zomg.
jb: breakfast of champions in my pants
diabolika: harry potter in my pants :(
tooth: Back to the Future In My pants
diabolika: or even
Bill: Darren did that one.
tooth: was said arealy.
jb: The Cable Guy in my Pants
jb: Bottle Rocket in my Pants
mirth: Kiss Me Kate In My Pants
Bill: Meet Joe Black In My Pants
jb: As good as it gets in my pants
jb: the haunting in my pants
jb: the frighteners in my pants
Bill: The Truman Show In My Pants
Bill: Flatliners In My Pants
mirth: Dead Like Me In My Pants
Bill: Dumb And Dumber In My Pants
Bill: Spies Like Us In My Pants
tooth: haha
jb: the lion king in my pants
diabolika: strange brew in my pants
jb: spy kids in my pants
tooth: Tarzan in My Pants
jb: luminarias in my pants
tooth: Contact In My Pants
ztepf: The Others In My Pants
mirth: Three Coins In A Fountain In My Pants
jb: fatal beauty in my pants
mirth: Monsters Ball In My Pants
Bill: The Twilight Zone In My Pants
jb: yellowbeard in my pants
diabolika: zoolander in my pants
jb: after hours in my pants
tooth: Ms Congeliality in My Pants
mirth: A Close Shave In My Pants
tooth: haha
jb: johnny dangerously in my pants
Bill: The Man Who Knew Too Much In My Pants
jb: the man who knew too little in my pants
mirth: Dead Man In My Pants :(
Bill: Meatballs In My Pants
jb: secretary in my pants
Bill: Oh.
Bill: Magnum Force In My Pants
tooth: Escape From Alcatrax in My Pants
tooth: Spaceballs in my Pants
jb: Shadow of Fear in my pants
Bill: Monkeybone In My Pants
jb: Supernova in my pants
jb: driftwood in my pants
Bill: The Meaning Of Life In My Pants
jb: stargate in my pants
jb: true colors in my pants
mirth: Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead In My Pants
jb: Less than Zero in my pants
mirth: kekekeke
Bill: Misery In My Pants :(
jb: Baby boom in my pants
mirth: Happiness in my Pants!
diabolika: heh
jb: White Palace in my Pants
tooth: Adventures In Babysitting In My Pants
jb: KIDS in my Pants!
diabolika: existenz in my pants
jb: videodrome in my pants :/
Bill: Mortal Kombat In My Pants
mirth: Pants On Fire In My Pants
jb: speaking of sex in my pants
mirth: ...
Bill: Dia: that was a rotten movie
diabolika: yep
diabolika: hated it
mirth: waht!
jb: the pentagon papers in my pants
mirth: that was a cool movies
tooth: A.I. In My Pants
mirth: you haters
jb: The Watcher in my pants
Bill: The Money Pit In My Pants
jb: E.T. The extra-terrestrial in my Pants
Bill: Cube In My Pants
jb: 2 days in the valley in my pants
tooth: HyperCube In My Pants
diabolika: pump up the volume in my pants
Bill: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers In My Pants
Bill: Men Of Honor In My Pants
jb: band of brothers in my pants
Bill: A Mighty Wind In My Pants
diabolika: hehe
jb: the stickup in my pants
diabolika: waiting for guffman in my pants
Bill: Dog Day Afternoon In My Pants
mirth: Being There In My Pants
jb: Empire of the Sun in my Pants
jb: Pearl Harbour in my Pants
tooth: Miss Saigon In My Pants
mirth: That Touch Of Mink In My Pants
jb: Below in my Pants
diabolika: blue velvet in my pants?
Bill: The Majestic In My Pants
diabolika: the lost highway in my pants
tooth: Alvin And The Chipmunks In My Pants
mirth: My Cousin Vinnie In My Pants
jb: Into the Sun in my pants
jb: height in my pants
Bill: Breathless In My Pants
jb: bloodrayne in my pants :(
Bill: Blade In My Pants
mirth: zoinks
jb: Battlestar Galactica in my Pants
jb: the panic room in my pants
Bill: Coming To America In My Pants
jb: the addams family in my pants
Bill: Men In Black In My Pants
jb: Ablaze in my Pants
jb: 3000 miles to graceland in my pants
mirth: Batman And Robin In My Pants
jb: below utopia in my pants
tooth: Flesh Gordon in My pants
jb: "john wayne bobbitt's frankenpenis in my pants"
mirth: The Item In My Pants
jb: Surviving the Game in my pants
jb: Ricochet in my Pants
jb: Breakin' in my Pants
tooth: They Live in my Pants
mirth: Young Guns In My Pants
Bill: Butch And Sundance In My Pants
Bill: Oh wait.
Bill: Best one ever.
Bill: Much Ado About Nothing In My Pants
tooth: hahaha
Bill: On that note, I'm gonna stop for a while. :)
tooth: well, i think we've past an hour of this.
jb: Any which way but lose in my pants
jb: ok, gone. must do laundry.
tooth: for pants, right?