Friday, January 28, 2005

Zept has an epiphany...

The dawning light of enlightenment has hit me, dear
brothers and sisters!

As with any good right wing establishment, the SCC must
also be evangelical and hypocritical!
I say this because when I joined the SCC back in 1995, I was
told that all my nepotistic and elitist behaviour by being
an angry goth/punk was BAD for me, and that if I only
opened my eyes to the gentle ways of the mind enhancement
program that the Cabal was offering (i.e. tripping and
studying lots of Alan Watts, Robert Anton Wilson, Timothy
Leary and Joseph Campbell), then I surely would be pulled
out of this spiritual funk that was destroying my soul.

So I did lots of drugs, read the required books, and as a
result became athiest when before I was pagan (spiritual
reform??). As a result of the drugs, I needed two years on
antidepressants to fix my sapped serotonin levels.

But now I'm out of the angry full on goth/punk funk and I
have assimilated to the ways of the Cabal, participating
in nepotism and elitism...the Cabal Way.

I'm saved!

...or in a cult...


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